Fandango Will Now Accept Google Pay For Ticket Purchases

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If you've ever paid for groceries with Android Pay, used Chrome to automatically fill in your payment info, or purchased an app on Google Play, then you've already experienced some of the ways Google helps you pay for things online and in stores. Users often have to struggle with multiple applications such as Android Pay, Google Wallet, pay for Google services, but this is all set to change now.

The impact on you at home: Google Pay may be replacing Android Pay on our phones to streamline the experience, but it doesn't simplify the Android digital payments landscape in the slightest.

Bhat said Google Pay has more features coming in the future, and he added that the service will eventually be available for Tez, Google's peer-to-peer payment app in India. With Google Pay, you can save your payment information to your Google Account, and use it for checkout process wherever it is supported. Android Pay, Google Wallet, and transactions on the web are some of the areas that will shift over to Google Pay over the coming weeks.

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The rebrand decision is probably an attempt to posit Google Pay as a more direct rival to Apple Pay.

Some apps have already made the change, with B&H, Fandango, and Instacart teaming up with Google to offer promotions for those who use Google Pay at checkout.

Google rebrands yet another service.


Of course, Google hasn't announced anything of the sort yet, but, "Hey Google, buy me a skateboard" may not be far away.