President Trump Announces Delay of Fake News Awards

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"And I, of course, don't want to get snubbed". Subjects will cover Dishonesty and Bad Reporting in various categories from the Fake News Media.

Apparently late-night minds think alike.

Trump says he'll give out the awards on January 17, but the White House hasn't said much about them.

Noting that Americans are sick and exhausted of being lied to, insulted and treated with outright condescension, the Trump Campaign said "That's why President Trump is crowning the 2017 KING OF FAKE NEWS before the end of the year". Maybe-maybe-there was a chance that we would, for at least a couple minutes, stop paying attention to Donald Trump.

The president vented in late November that a contest should be held for the worst political coverage, excluding Fox News. "This is a real dilemma for the president because, on one hand, he loves awards and trophies".

"And I think I've wasted enough of my viewers' time".

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One big question facing the media is: Will they go live? "Stay tuned!" the president tweeted.

Trump has been at loggerheads with several United States mainstream media outlets, including the CNN, ABC News, The New York Times and the Washington Post among others.

He announced initially announced the awards last Tuesday in a Tweet. Traditional news organizations like the New York Times and CNN are sure to walk away with some prizes, but have been characteristically restrained about their ambitions.

Trump had coined the term "Fake News" during his presidential campaign, targeting media houses for "biased" news.

In an email to supporters of the president on December 28, the Trump campaign had sought nomination for the "King of Fake News" trophy.