Paladins to get a PUBG-like battle royale mode called Battlegrounds

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In this year's expo, Hi-Rez announced something we've reported on last year though for a different game.The studio has announced that Paladins Battle Royale mode is an actual thing, and it's called "Paladins Battlegrounds" which players will be getting for free!

Paladins: Battlegrounds was "designed from the ground up to be played in teams", Hi-Rez said, and will retain the main game's class-based team composition. The first-person online hero shooter will be creating a hundred-person battle royale mode, along with releasing a new hero and a new content update this month. Feline fans will be happy to learn about the new mount type, Battle Cats; the first one is the Primal Prowler and will be exclusively available for free to Twitch Prime subscribers. We expect it to do about as well as Fortnite Battle Royale, in that it gets a core of loyal players.

In addition to the core shooter experience, Paladins also offers deep strategy and in-match character progression through decks of collectible cards, which amplify and augment a character's core set of abilities.

The mode follows the familiar formula of dropping 100 players onto a map with teams of players trying to survive the longest and become the ultimate winners.

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Paladins isn't the first game to copy-pasta PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which a year ago, took over the world of PC gaming.

This new game mode is expected to arrive sometime during 2018 and as previously stated, will be added to the game at no charge. Paladins will also receive a Team Deathmatch game mode as well. It will be available alongside a new map, Trade District.

The update will include a new champion, Moji. Moji is a bit on the diminutive side, but she'll ride into battle aboard a two-headed dragon mount.