New Year's Eve forecast: Below-zero temps, bitter wind chill

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Actual temperatures will dip to zero degrees for the drive into work, but with breezy winds expected, wind chills will hit the negative teens.

Cold temperatures are expected to continue into New Year's Day, with a high of around 15 degrees and a low of around 3 degrees. Havre, in north-central Montana, tied its record low for January minus 32 degrees. Early morning wind chill values will be extremely cold and could be as low as -15°F. Make sure you have the pipes, pets, and plants protected.

The National Weather Service has issued another wind chill advisory for Clarksville-Montgomery County as well as parts of Middle Tennessee for midnight tonight through noon Tuesday. There's the potential for absolutely nothing to some snow showers, or even a period of light snow east.

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Indianapolis tied the record for the coldest New Year's Eve and was one degree off the mark for New Year's Day. Then, after a sunny start Wednesday, clouds increase during the afternoon. A cold wind from the northwest at 10-15 miles per hour will keep the wind chill in the single digits again. Thermometers only rise into the mid-upper teens with a bone chilling wind chill.

We are in the midst of a long stretch of cold weather.

And if you need any proof to justify the use of the word "Arctic" to describe this cold-air outbreak, check out the source region of the Washington air mass over the past eight days. Stay warm and happy in 2018!