CES 2018: LG showcases 88-inches OLED display with an 8K resolution

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Upcoming CES would witness the showcasing of massive 88-inch OLED TV from the South Korean manufacturers. "OLED TVs are well-known for their superior picture quality with flawless black, more life-like colors, and wider viewing angles", LG added. The 88-in surpasses the current largest OLED screen by 11-in and massively ups its resolution to 7680 x 4320.

LG is showing off a new 88-inch 8K OLED TV wonder though the perceived high cost as well as the lack of native 8K content makes it more of a tech showpiece than anything else.

In other words, this experimental new OLED UHD TV is an absolute monster of advanced technology.

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The LG offering is both the largest and highest resolution OLED panel ever concocted and will be one of the centrepiece TV's at CES 2018. The TV also sports a price tag of $20,000 but is of 4K resolution only.

There is now no information regarding the price of the 8K display, although LG said it would reveal more information about the panel at CES 2018. From what we have heard so far, the display boasts 33 million pixels, four times that of 3,840x2,160 ultra high definition and 16 times more pixels than 1,920x1,080 full high definition. So expect nothing less than that for a TV with double the resolution.

What's more, LG's 8K TV is likely to be considerably more expensive than anything on the market. As for the competition, Samsung might not come into the picture in this category as the company has already shifted its focus from OLED TVs to QLED TVs. "OLED is clearly a next-generation technology leader and for this reason, LG Display is accelerating its research and development into OLED so that we can provide differentiated products to customers and markets". The new facility in Guangzhou, China, was recently just approved by the Korean government as part of the two countries' attempts to improve relations. When it comes to small OLED screens, however, Samsung's Super AMOLED panels for mobile devices has had a head start compared to LG.