Gaming Disorder Listed In 2018 WHO Diagnostic Manual

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The International Classification of Diseases is a diagnostic manualthat's published by the World Health Organization.

Geneva: WHO will include "gaming disorder" in its list of mental health conditions in the beta draft of its forthcoming 11th International Classification of Diseases.

Standard treatment for technology-associated addictive behaviour, he said, involves quantifying gaming patterns, assessing dysfunctions and motivating patients to initially change lifestyles to reduce gaming durations.

In 2014, a 27-year-old Chinese woman suffered sudden death after playing video games for over 10 consecutive hours. "It takes less effort to turn on a computer than go outside and interact", Sid Rewari, a former gamer said. He's concerned that most studies done on gaming addiction are low quality.

WHO's description of Gaming Disorder doesn't account for professional esports players whose main occupation is to compete for money and for glory.

The World Health Organization could soon recognize “gaming disorder.”
The World Health Organization could soon recognize “gaming disorder.”

This does not mean that gaming disorder is a done deal: The caveats note that the draft is not final, is updated on a daily basis, and is not yet approved by WHO.

Its symptoms include the inability to control when and how to play video games. Declaring that the proposal had "fundamental issues" like poor research quality and a lack of consensus, the paper warned that a rushed decision could have bad consequences. Gamers believe that video gaming is akin to hobbies or professions. It is the first time that the ICD has included an entry for gaming, placing it in the same category as the disorders related to drugs, alcohol and gambling.

She says parents need to be involved, especially when kids receive new games for Christmas. The WHO's designation could help get folks in similar situations insurance benefits or convince professors to teach coping methods for gaming disorder to in-training psychologists, she said. "They dismiss what this person is experiencing".

Do you devote a significant portion of your life to video games?

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