Florida law prohibits pre-paying 2018 property taxes

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Chris Christie has ordered local governments to accept payments for 2018 property taxes in the waning calendar days of 2017, an effort to help homeowners take advantage of a major tax deduction before it is wiped out in the new year.

In New York, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order Friday allowing New Yorkers to prepay their 2018 taxes to local governments and schools by January 1 and claim the deduction on their 2017 taxes.

Cuomo conceded that prepayment may be hard for some households, the outlet reported. Growing up, she says Hastings-On-Hudson was a factory town but wealthy people moved in and now property values - and taxes - have increased.

A spokesman for Keystone Collections, which is based in Westmoreland County, said tax collectors are not permitted under state law to accept payments until they have a bill in hand from the taxing authority.

Fairfax County will accept 2018 real estate and vehicle tax prepayments.

Westchester County officials are discussing approving Westchester's 2018 tax warrant, which is typically done in March. Any additional payment received will be refunded, a county press release said. Taxpayers in California's Santa Clara county, for example, may only pre-pay the second installment of the 2017-2018 taxes, which is due in April.

You can also prepay online or by mail.

"There's definitely some more", she said.

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While some jurisdictions have long allowed for pre-payment, others are scrambling, working to ensure that those who want to pre-pay can - even if the jurisdiction can't necessarily guarantee the pre-payment will be deductible.

It's all because of the newly-signed tax law which puts a cap on how much state and local taxes may be deducted on federal returns. Meanwhile, in high-tax states like NY and New Jersey, homeowners are flocking by the hundreds to local tax collector offices in hopes of cashing in before the new year.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie believes that the feds will be more forgiving of taxpayers' intentions and issued an executive order Wednesday requiring towns to accept prepayments through December 31.

Residents lined up before the doors opened Tuesday at the Sacramento County Administration Building to do something people aren't normally so eager to do: pay their taxes early.
Almost 50 percent thought tax reform would increase their taxes or decrease their 2017 tax refund.When taxpayers visit a Liberty Tax office this tax season, they will be greeted by professional tax preparers who will be ready to address taxpayer questions about the tax law and who guarantee the most accurate tax return and the largest possible refund to which the taxpayer is entitled.

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo is opening up the county office building on Saturday for Rochester residents looking to pay their 2018 property taxes early. "However, our recommendation is that you check with your accountant because, for some people, there may not be any benefit to doing so".

Howard County announced last week its residents could prepay their 2018 property tax.

"This is probably the only piece you can do", he said, noting the Olmsted County office has seen a steady stream of people since last week.