I'm not going to fight in the UFC

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Fight fans were sent into a frenzy yesterday though when Dana White claimed talks with Mayweather had started. It was originally reported by UFC commentator, Joe Rogan that Mayweather was looking for a UFC deal.

After a couple of months which have seen Conor McGregor get up to all sorts of freakish behaviour, it's somewhat refreshing to see a lot of talk return to his actual profession in the last week or two. The reality is, Floyd Mayweather is never coming to UFC. "He usually tips his hand when he's in the media and then that sh-t ends up happening". Everything is a realistic possibility.

Naturally McGregor was quick to respond, posting a photo of himself with his two UFC belts with the caption 'p****'.

However, Mayweather has explained that whilst the opportunity is there, he has no intention of taking it.

And he had a typical response to the bombshell. Tony Ferguson was the top candidate to fight McGregor on UFC 219, but plans for the bout were derailed after Ferguson was sidelined due to an elbow injury that required surgery early this month.

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He said: "They talk about "oh yeah Floyd said he's fighting in the UFC for a billion dollars". But I never said I was going to fight in UFC, I didn't say that.

The chances of Mayweather fighting McGregor in the near future are very slim, especially considering the fact McGregor has yet to defend his lightweight title. Exactly what I said is this, if I made a billion dollars before, I could do it again.

However, continuing the trend of making conflicting statements, the 40-year old has backtracked on his previous comments by, saying, "I'm not going to do it" - which led to McGregor aiming a subtle dig at him. If I chose to get in the UFC and fight three fights or fight four fights and then fight Conor McGregor, I could make a billion dollars, which I can.

"I'm just saying I could. This is one thing I can tell you", Rogan said in a podcast. "I'm not going to do it though". I didn't say that. Could and would do is a different thing. "Dana told me that Floyd wants to make a deal in the UFC". "And I don't look forward to getting back in a boxing ring, that's what I don't look forward to".