Detroit is likely not getting a Major League Soccer team

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Oh well - a hopeful city still can turn its eyes to the next Major League Soccer expansion in 2022.

The city of Nashville, expected to land one of Major League Soccer's new expansion teams. However, that plan changed when the Detroit Lions' owners, the Ford family, got involved and presented an alternative plan that would see a Detroit MLS team share Ford Field with the Lions.

It appears that Sacramento's biggest competition is Cincinnati and their record-setting attendance numbers.

After a December 6 meeting in NY for finalists Nashville, Detroit, Cincinnati and Sacramento with the MLS Expansion Committee, Nashville officials have been fairly quiet about the bid.

That is perhaps why MLS has left it down to one from those two bids for the final spot.

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MLS Board of Governors was scheduled to meet and vote last week, though FC Cincinnati has been given no exact time when a public announcement may come.

The other finalists are Nashville, Cincinnati and Sacramento. That's a valid argument.

It's anticipated to be a formal MLS expansion team announcement for Nashville. Also, a long-delayed Miami bid, led by former superstar David Beckham, is moving closer to fruition and could receive official approval this winter.

Does St. Louis have any chance at all in the next round of MLS expansion? It shouldn't be. Both Sacramento and Cincinnati deserve to join Nashville in the MLS party. Now.