Pentagon confirmed existence of UFO program, incident videos released

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The former Democratic leader from Nevada was instrumental in starting the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, according to The New York Times. "I've done something that no one has done before".

"The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program ended in the 2012 timeframe".

The mystery into whether or not we're alone in the universe has been a constant question for over 6 decades and it looks like the Defense Department wanted some answers. "I've done something that no one has done before", he added. While any bumpkin with a digital camera and a drone can fake a UFO sighting, when reports come, Close Encounters style, from legitimate pilots and even military personnel, it's hard to dismiss their accounts as nonsense.

Leaked records appear to show the U.S. government was secretly investigating reports of aircraft moving at "very high velocities with no visible signs of propulsion, or that hovered with no apparent means of lift".

But I feel like the story could have had a completely different emphasis: Three senators - Nevada Democrat Harry Reid, Hawaii Democrat Daniel Inouye, and Alaska Republican Ted Stevens - sent $22 million in taxpayers money to Reid's buddy Robert Bigelow could research UFOs.

Shortly after his meeting with Bigelow, Reid met with officials, who were also interested in establishing a UFO investigation program.

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One reported instance involved a whitish oval object, about the size of a commercial plane, that was chased by two Navy fighter jets off the coast of San Diego in 2004.

UFO sightings have been investigated by government agencies since the 1940s, and in January 2016, the CIA released a number of previously classified documents describing some of the most unusual UFO encounters on record, most of which took place in the 1950s.

Neither the New York Times nor Politico got more information on these "very sensitive discoveries". The Daily Beast used the example that Navy pilots might not know about experimental intelligence craft being tested by the Air Force. Pentagon spokesperson Thomas Crosson told the Times the reason AATIP's funding ran out was because "there were other, higher priority issues that merited funding".

Under Bigelow's direction, the company modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena. The Pentagon confirmed AATIP's existence, though it's yet to comment on whether the program is still running despite lacking government funding.

One of the major officials of this project was Luis Elizondo who has now joined the "To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science" which is run by Blink-182's Tom DeLonge.