Family home in Kansas after stranded in Atlanta airport power outage

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By then, passengers had spent hours coping with darkened terminals, unexplained smoke and fumes, cancelled flights, and a shortage of food.

By about 11:30 p.m., power flickered back on at the atrium and several of the airports concourses, to cheers and applause.

"He said, "we have a problem, ' and I said, 'what is the problem" and he said 'there's a power outage.' And I said 'what!?'" At San Francisco International Airport one flight has been canceled.

The city of Atlanta opened the Georgia International Convention Center and offered shuttle services there for stranded passengers who needed a place to stay for the night, according to the city's verified twitter account.

The outage was the second power-related incident to affect the airline in just over a year after a computer systems failure last year caused over 2,000 cancellations.

Delta said in a statement that with a almost 80 percent share of passenger traffic at the airport, it was closely engaged in the recovery efforts mounted by the airport, the City of Atlanta and Georgia Power.

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She was stranded for 7 hours at her terminal, as she saw travelers stuck in elevators and inside connecting terminal trams. The pilot of her plane announced there was no power in the facility, but that it would be fixed shortly. Clerks, he said, were trying to pull down the gates to close the stores but were overpowered by people forcing them open. Everything was at a standstill on Sunday about 1 p.m., the same time Williams had arrived. His mother, Vikki, and younger brother said they were going to drive 5 ½ hours from Jacksonville to pick him up in the morning.

"People are calm, laughing, joking", she said.

Passengers on the two flights scheduled to leave Fort Wayne for Atlanta were rebooked on other flights, Neild said. "I'm amazed I've been able to sit here and not lose my mind".

"For it to have been a complete shutdown and evacuated and less than 24 hours to be up and flying and people out". It was unclear who was in charge and people were lying on the floor and on baggage claim belts. Airport spokesman Reese McCranie said all airport operations were affected, and outgoing flights were halted. United and American Airlines also suspended operations to and from Atlanta for the rest of Sunday.

Mondays and the holiday breaks are the busiest times for Hartsfield-Jackson International, and this just made it worse.

Reed said Monday that he was hobbled by limited information about the extent of the fire because it took hours to send experts into the substation because of noxious fumes, even as he apologized to the thousands of passengers stranded in Atlanta and other airports.