Flu activity on the rise in Georgia

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While Shelton also said it's too soon to tell about the flu season and the vaccine's effectiveness, she did note that there's concern over reports from Australia, which is now at the end of its flu season, about a severe outbreak.

According to NBC News, the flu vaccine in Australia is the same one available in the United States.

The problem with flu is that the virus constantly changes."It is a virus, so it does change from year to year", Games said. The recommendation for the Southern Hemisphere is made in September.

Smith says this year's vaccine protects against two A viruses including H1N1 and H3N2 as well as two different types of B viruses. A second vaccine for the elderly was licensed for the first time past year and has an adjuvant.

Patel said all three of these targeted flu strains bring about pretty much the same flu symptoms: abrupt onset of fever, head and body aches, fatigue, extreme stuffiness and sore throat. More importantly, if you do still get the flu - even though you got a flu shot - you won't get as sick as you might have without it.

"One was the surprise element", Patel said in the news release.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the proportion of people seeing their health care provider for influenza-like illness has been at or above the national baseline for two weeks this season. It's important to know the symptoms, just in case. Most flu shots are fully covered by insurance.

The biggest drop in flu shot rates was seen among Hispanic adults (down 7.7 percent from last year).

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"Those who are particularly susceptible to flu or complications of flu are those who are over the age of 65, pregnant women, or those with a chronic medical condition such as a pulmonary condition, cardiac condition, or diabetes", said Dieckhaus.

Positive RSV cases represent a third of all RSV tests administered by hospitals in the Yakima area.

"We really don't know at this point in time" what kind of season we are going to have, said Mick Bolduc, an epidemiologist with the Connecticut Immunization Program at DPH.

She says it surrounding states such as OH and IL are seeing the flu hit right now.

What makes the flu more prevalent in the winter, Patel reminds us, is that because the weather is cold "people are keeping indoors more and shut inside without the ventilation of screen doors and open windows".

There's also the other method of self-defense: Washing hands.

The majority of people who get the flu recover within days to weeks without severe illness.