Now know when to get off a train or bus

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It's a function similar to other offers like Transit or CityMapper, and it remains to be seen if Google's own version could depend on Google Maps' extensive data to provide more accurate live updates. After that, live updates will begin to appear while you are walking or riding in public transport. A "start" button will then appear at the bottom of the screen, detailing your journey.

What's especially interesting is that this functionality will also give you notifications when you are approaching a stop.

Places like a cafe, church, museum, zoo or hospital will have a designated color and icon to make it easier for users to find what they're looking for.

While Google has not provided an exact release date for the new feature, the company could be testing the update via random roll-outs as of this time.

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The update comes just two weeks after Google announced at its recent event that it was going for two-wheeler customised navigation on Google Maps- under it, two-wheeler drivers will get the fastest route to reach their destination.

Google products set to incorporate the new feature include Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Earth, and Android Auto. In November, Google updated the look, and feel of the Google Maps app to better highlight information relevant to drivers, or users of public transportation for instance. Google Maps recently introduced the motorcycle mode, keeping the large number of people traveling by motorcycles in mind.

They'll save you from having to unlock your phone and consult the Maps app every time you want to remind yourself of the directions you need to take.