Rahul Gandhi set to take over as Congress President on December 16

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Similar news stories created buzz in November previous year, when Gandhi stood in a queue at an ATM in Delhi to withdraw Rs 4,000 during demonetisation, when long queues were a common sight. Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who turned 71 on Saturday, will hand over the reins of the grand old party to her son Rahul Gandhi next week after holding the post for a record 19 consecutive years.

Taking over of Mr Gandhi as Congress president is expected usher in the winds of change in the Congress.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday stood on queue while boarding a flight from Delhi and the twitter users have gone all gaga over it. Though the involvement of Mr Gandhi had increased tremendously since the Lok Sabha elections of 2014, insiders indicate that there will be two key advisors directly reporting to the new Congress president. Party leaders and workers thronged her residence to greet her.

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The take over would be keenly watched as Rahul has all through the Gujarat election campaign tried to shed the tag of a reluctant politician.

Mr Gandhi, who has spent much of the last several weeks leading the party's campaign in Gujarat, reportedly chose to put off his promotion because he did not want the party leaders to get distracted from the immediate challenge in Gujarat. On the day, after members of the Congress Working Committee led by Sharad Pawar questioned her foreign origin and posed her as a liability, Sonia Gandhi resigned as the party president.

Mrs. Gandhi will continue to head the Congress Parliamentary Party.