Amazon Prime Video App Lands On Apple TV

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Even if you don't subscribe to Prime, Amazon Video might still be worth a look, as it offers the first episodes of Amazon Original TV shows for free, for all users. Prime Video integrates with Apple's TV app, which lists the shows you're now watching and alerts you when new episodes are available. However, until then you can use the method mentioned above.

From Archer's reporting, it appears that Amazon is aware of the issue, and may already have moved to cover its tracks. I don't have any inside knowledge of either dispute, but I do have a theory: Whereas Apple and Amazon only compete in a couple of marginal areas, Amazon and Google increasingly threaten one another's core businesses.

On Tuesday, Google said it would remove access to YouTube from Amazon's Echo Show immediately and to Fire and Fire TV devices by the end of the years in response to Amazon's refusal to sell Google's Chromecast, Google Home and Nest devices.

Amazon has launched the Amazon Prime Video app on Apple TV in over countries worldwide, just as Google pulls YouTube from Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show. Nest being a sister company to Google that makes various net-connected gizmos.

"Making the situation even more odd is that when I first installed the Amazon Video app yesterday, shows were appearing with the 5.1 header information on them".

Google will rescue bike-riders caught in traffic jams
The Two Wheeler Mode allows users to navigate through spaces, only accessible by 2 wheelers. Now, the search giant is expecting 2x user growth in the country alone on the Google Maps.

The app does not have any Apple-specific features, but it does leverage the device's Siri search.

Roku has one of a complete channel libraries - more than 5,000, many of which you've never heard of. If you decide you like it and want to keep the subscription you'll pay £7.99 a month.The service has a range of TV Shows, movies and documentaries for you to stream such as The Walking Dead, Transparent and Peppa Pig. This, too, can be synced across all users' Apple devices.

Google also takes 30% of sales made through its app platform, although with less strict controls than Apple, particularly in terms of directing people to other places they can sign up.

Amazon Fire TV is based on the open-source version of the Android platform and does not provide access to the Google store. That's it. There's no optical audio output or any other socket, which is a shame because there's certainly room for an HDMI passthrough, which would come in useful for cramming multiple 4K devices into a potentially limited number on the back of your TV.

With Amazon finally relenting on its years-long holdout, it seems the company may be finally realising it needs support from partners such as Apple if its streaming video service is going to thrive.