Google will rescue bike-riders caught in traffic jams

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A few clients in India are revealing seeing another Motorcycle mode or Two-Wheeler mode in the most recent form of Google Maps (v9.67.1) for Android. Two screenshots below show the different routes that Google Maps has displayed for two-wheeler and four-wheeler. "It is now available in India starting today, with plans to roll out the feature in other countries in the coming months".

Google Maps has been a pretty useful tool for navigation providing vehicle and walking routes as well as the ability to directly book a cab. This feature will tell you the fastest, and most efficient route to a destination. Since Indian roads are dominated by the two-wheelers and there are certain routes which can only accommodate them instead of cars, a feature like this is of great help to the two-wheeler commuters of the county. The feature will be available on Google Maps in India from Tuesday and will offer accurate travel times to reflect speeds, customised routing and voice guided navigation and enhance landmark navigation for two-wheeler drivers.

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She explained that the two-wheeler feature will see Google Maps recommending alternative routes that it won't for cars, such as some alleyways that are permissible to bikes.

The Two Wheeler Mode allows users to navigate through spaces, only accessible by 2 wheelers. It also gives data about the parking situation at their destination, a convenient component that was beforehand found in the auto mode. Now, the search giant is expecting 2x user growth in the country alone on the Google Maps. For instance offline maps, landmark navigation, which we launched in India first are now popular with other map users across the world.