Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor carted off with a knee injury

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Tyrod Taylor is certainly not the long-term answer, and it doesn't look like he's the short-term answer anymore either after getting carted off in the third quarter during a brutal game against the New England Patriots.

Nathan Peterman, the dude who hurled eleventy-billion interceptions in his first ever National Football League start, would replace Taylor. Taylor returned to the starting lineup last week, helping the Bills to a 16-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. He restructured his contract last spring, allowing the Bills greater financial flexibility should they decide to go a different direction at quarterback in the future.

Taylor would eventually come into the game in the second half in relief of Peterman, who put up an all-time bad performance in his first National Football League start.

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With his having been benched previously when healthy, this may give the Bills the excuse to play Nathan Peterman the rest of the way even though Taylor's injury may not warrant his being out long.

This late in the season, it very well could be a season-ending injury. And while Rob Gronkowski may have made the stupidest decision of the afternoon, the game certainly did not come without its share of stupidity from the Bills sideline.