Tesla Powers Up World's Biggest Battery

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The launch comes after the battery was put under a regulatory testing period that examined the battery's ability to charge to, and from, Australia's National Energy Market and it's ability to act as a generator.

But what if we say it was Elon Musk and his electric carmaker-cum-energy storage company Tesla have made it happen?

It has the capacity to power more than 30,000 homes for up to an hour in the event of a blackout.

Musk easily beat his promise that the $50 million battery would be "installed and working 100 days from contract signature or it is free".

Tesla's chieftain Elon Musk has delivered on his bold promise to build a new storage solution within 100 days - a move that the South Australian public met with applause following a number of frustrating blackouts across the country, including a nationwide one previous year.

"South Australia is now leading the world in dispatchable renewable energy", said state Premier Jay Weatherill at the official launch of the battery at the Hornsdale wind farm, Reuters reports.

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South Australia, which relies heavily on solar and wind-generated energy, has been scrambling to find a way to bolster its fragile power grid since the entire state suffered a blackout during a storm past year.

Although the country still relies on fossil fuels for two-thirds of its electricity, wind energy is a large contributor in South Australia.

The battery farm is part of a 550 million Australian dollar ($420 million) plan announced in March by Weatherill to make the state independent of the nation's power grid. "It can address those stability issues very quickly without needing to resort to using large power plants", said Praveen Kathpal, vice president of AES, a losing bidder to build the battery.

The battery packs are expected to secure the region's electricity supply and allows for clean and affordable wind energy being dispatched to the grid.

Hoping that Tesla's li-ion battery storage solution would have greater adoption in the future, Elon Musk visited the site and hailed the battery as "just the beginning".