Google's New Data Saving App Datally Now Available Worldwide

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Datally is the latest in the apps series launched by Google that offers users control over their mobile data usage they consume with additional feature to find nearby public Wi-Fi sources. That's why we built Datally, an app that helps you to control, save more and do more with your data.

Currently, the app is available worldwide to any phone running Android 5.0 or higher.

As a part of the service, users can use a big button located at the top of the app that will allow them to stop all background data usage, so only the app that's actively onscreen can use mobile data. To save data, you can turn on the Data Saver feature to block background data usage and track consumption in real time.

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The app will lend you a bird's eye view of which other apps are using your data to the limit. Once you have flicked on this switch it blocks data access to apps, if you want to enable access to one particular app then you have to unlock the data access.

The application will help you understand, control and save on mobile data. From there you can decide which apps should be allowed to continue sucking up bandwidth by hitting the little lock icon next to the app. You can even check your data usage for this week and for the month, which will give you an estimate of how you use the data. Google has also given it the ability to find WiFi hotspots it can connect to. The difference, though, is that this standalone app is much more direct and user friendly. The app has also been able to save people, on average, 30 percent of their data. The interface for Datally is simply more obvious and helps spell things out, throwing in a few helpful extras for good measure. This again can save you precious mobile data MBs. And just above this, you get the list of apps and their data usage.

Google says it's released the app because data is still extremely costly in many countries around the world. Google's program also reveals how much data the main app now running in the foreground is using up.