Snapchat Introduces New Redesign That Separates Friends & Brands

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Chats, stories and friend messages will now be one swipe away from the main camera screen, while news, publisher content and the "Snap Map" will be a swipe in the opposite direction.

Snapchat has made it really convenient and easy for users to add other people as their contacts by just scanning the account code.

Friends Page - There's also a new Friends page that displays users' friends based on how they communicate with them.

The update is being introduced first to a small portion of Snapchat's user base later this week, with wider availability in the coming weeks. Without ever naming the company's arch-rival, Evan Spiegel blames it for the spread of fake news, for destroying human relationships, and weakening the media.

In 2018, users can expect even more change as the company works towards providing Snapchat creators better distribution and monetization opportunities. On the right you'll see "Stories from publishers, creators, and the community are on the right".

What Spiegel means is that the Discover section of the app, which shows channels run by media companies like BuzzFeed, NBCUniversal, Hearst, 21st Century Fox, Tastemade, will appear on one side of the app to the right of the camera. Once again, the algorithm will learn what you like over time, and will adjust the placement of content accordingly. But there are marked limitations to that approach: if the content viewers see is finite and comes from a pre-selected list of partners, and if users aren't able to seek out news on their own outside the confines of the app, Snapchat could arguably have its own filter bubble problem.

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Snapchat still opens to the camera, but now that screen has an icon to open every screen in the app now, so it's more obvious how to use it.

The Snapchat app has always been a horrendous lag-fest on Android.

The Discover page to the right will include the same Stories from third-party sources that you see today, but they will no longer be bunched up horizontally beneath your friends' Stories.

In particular, the company is splitting up the app experience to separate the social aspect of Snapchat (your friends) and the media aspects (your interests and content). This is a Friends page that's more "dynamic" than before.

Organizing the content with the use of algorithms also creates the potential for feed ads, a type of advertising familiar to marketers from Facebook and Twitter Inc. Beyond separating feeds, Snapchat will now order posts using a formula to try to appeal to users' likes, instead of listing them chronologically.

As the Times noted, Facebook and Twitter, along with Google, last month testified before Congress in regards to the roles their platforms played in influencing the last USA presidential election and how Russian operatives manipulated their services to spread misinformation. Snapchat says it will release new tools next year to help publishers turn a profit, though it didn't specify its plans.

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