Palestinian factions dispute fate of Gaza employees

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As part of the agreements between the organizations, Hamas handed over the control of the Gaza border crossings to the Palestinian Authority and is expected to continue the expansion of the PA's control in Gaza until December 1. Al-Hayya said Palestinian factions and the Fatah group have failed to pressure the government to lift its punitive measures against the seaside strip.

A security delegation from the Egyptian intelligence service has arrived in the Gaza Strip on Monday afternoon to follow up what has been implemented with regard to the Palestinian reconciliation agreement signed recently between Hamas and Fatah under the auspices of the Egyptian authorities.

In the past six weeks, delegations of senior Hamas officials including Deputy Hamas Politburo chief Salih al-Arouri visited Tehran to meet with Iranian officials.

On Oct. 12, Palestine's two leading political movements signed a landmark reconciliation agreement in Cairo aimed at resolving a decade of bitter political division. Palestinian officials say Abu Zeid is responsible for overseeing the Hamas handover of authority to the PA.

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Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein al-Sheikh told the PA's official newscast that its government workers have been prevented from taking back their old administrative offices and that thousands of former employees who worked for the PA in various Gaza ministries before Islamist Hamas took over the enclave in 2007 have yet to return to work.

By Friday, the Islamists are due to hand over control of the Gaza Strip to the internationally recognised Palestinian government, based in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The two factions agreed to allow the unity government to assume responsibility for all of Gaza's border crossings no later than November 1.

"These weapons will be moved to the West Bank to fight the occupation".