Ohio Valley not to worry about live Christmas tree supply

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There are several ways to search for your Christmas tree - tree farms, tree lots or a "living" tree. Good test: The needles are green and don't fall off when touched.

In cycling again we are starting to see the pines come back, the Scotch Pine the Norway Pine and the White Pine. "They go to roughly 62 to 63 military installations around the USA".

Highland Trees said it has even made business better because they are receiving more orders from places that are affected.

That makes those pines more pricey. The shiny ornaments and lights will attract them enough. Trees should be checked daily to make sure the water doesn't go below the bottom of trunk. There's a record of a small tree in Breman, Germany, from 1570.

Before you go out to the lot, check out these three tips, from Chad, the owner of Chad's Christmas Trees in West Sacramento, on how to find the flawless tree for this holiday season.

Millions of farm-grown trees are decorated every year for Christmas.

To check a pre-cut tree for freshness, look for flexible needles that remain firmly attached when you tug on them. "They can just really enjoy themselves, so we try to have that to where they can come out and just have fun, be with their kids, and just spend the day together", said Worthey.

"They're reindeer", said Rocky Brougham.

You can go get a fresh tree Thursday through Saturday from 10 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

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- Add water to the tree stand.

To keep risks low, always do not forget to make sure lights are off when you're not there to take care of them. NCTA projects the average customer will spend about $82.20 for a real tree this year.

If the only spot for your tree is by a radiator, you have to accept that it's going to dry out. If possible, close heat vents in that room to keep it cooler.

"It's recommended space heaters stay three feet away from all combustible materials".

To be honest, the whole thing is pretty practical, just think of all the extra floor space you will have for prezzies underneath.

"It's not all about the tree as to getting the tree, bringing it home, decorating it, the smell".

Use lukewarm water instead of cold water.

The shocking video shows the dry tree bursting into the flames in under 10 seconds, sparking a massive fire in the simulated home. No water additives are needed, but keeping the base in water is a must. They can also be placed on the ground near bird feeders to create a little shelter for ground-feeding birds.