Oh Dear Morrissey Tries To Justify What Spacey and Weinstein Did

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Former Smiths singer Morrissey believed that Kevin Spacey is being "attacked unnecessarily" after allegedly sexually harassing a 14-year-old boy.

In a new interview that the artist did with German outlet Spiegel Online, he sure seems to excuse away and apologize for sexual assault and misconduct, at least as it relates to the accusations that have been levied against Kevin Spacey.

Rocker Morrissey can not believe Kevin Spacey has been dumped from a completed movie, insisting the Oscar victor has been “needlessly attacked” following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Discovery star Anthony Rapp has alleged The Usual Suspects actor tried to seduce him at a party in his house in 1986 when he was just 14, a claim which Spacey said he was "beyond horrified" to hear, but didn't remember.

Since Rapp named Spacey (Rapp had previously discussed the incident), multiple men have revealed their "me too" stories. One wonders where the boy's parents were. One also wonders if the boy didn't know what could happen.

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"Never. I was always aware of what could happen". If youre in somebodys bedroom, you need to be aware of where that could lead.

"Because of that, all of that doesn't seem very credible to me". For rape, sexual abuse+coercion etc. Fuck U Morrissey!

"Those people knew exactly what would happen (when they went up to Weinstein's hotel room), and they played along. I hate to be that cynical because I hate rape and I hate attack and I hate sexual situations that's forced on a person against their will, but in many many situations you look at the circumstances and you think that the person who is called the victim is merely disappointed". I hate sexual assault.

'Afterwards they find it embarrassing or they didn't like it. He said that if the women's careers would have all gone "well" then it was basically fair trade.

After the interview began to spread, fans and the media began to slam Morrissey for his views on sexual assault in the entertainment industry. And then they turn it around and say: I was attacked, I was surprised, I was dragged into the room. "You have to put these things in the proper context".