Family Court finalizes 21 adoptions for National Adoption Day

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Eighteen families adopted 31 children at the Lubbock County Courthouse Friday on National Adoption Day.

Either family members of the child or an unrelated family then go through weeks of training and allow themselves and their homes to be investigated before they can adopt.

Several local stores and restaurants sponsor the event.

The Broch's said they may not be done adopting.

Kymerea says she's looking forward to making more memories with her official new family.

Each year, right around the holiday season, thousands of children get the chance to find that ideal family they've always been looking for.

The division investigates troubled homes and gives parents designated periods of time to fix problems before they seek a court order to place the child in a foster home, said Jane Phillips, a Union County court services supervisor and coordinator of Adoption Day.

There are more than 5-thousand children available for adoption in the USA and about 75 of those are right here in Wichita Falls.

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"Just understanding that as a six-year-old that he can stay and have a permanent family - that's a big deal", Jones said.

The amount of medical attention for these boys may be extensive, but their parents' love for them is endless.

They may not be related by blood but the bond is no less intense.

She said the family is going to catch their breath before taking in more foster kids, but adopting another child isn't out of the question.

"The kids are getting a fresh start", Ulysses Zuniga said.

One of those children is a little girl named Elise Broch.

"I just love her for what she has done for me", Israel said.