Google will fix Pixel 2 XL touchscreen issue in software update

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It seems the unresponsive screen edges are the result of a software issue, not a hardware failure, and Google is already aware. Users reported the issue on the Pixel User Community, and one user posted a video that showed the screen not responding when being tapped on the edge of the right-hand side. As the search engine giant's massive flagship handset has only been in the market for a few weeks, users have reported yet another issue concerning the responsiveness of the screen edges.

Pixel Community manager Orrin has followed-up with a comment that Google is looking into the issue, and plans to release a fix in an upcoming over-the-air update.

This is likely caused by Google's software being a little aggressive when it comes to rejecting accidental touches. He revealed that Google is now working on a fix to solve the problem.

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There have been a variety of Google Pixel 2 XL display problems that have frustrated owners of the smartphone.

According to the Google Forums (via Android Police), whenever a user tries to operate the Google Assistant via Bluetooth headphones, the microphone does not detect the user's voice and seems to go mute at the moment.

The Google Pixel 2 XL is among the top-end smartphones launched this year, although being a premium device does not guarantee that problems would never occur. Earlier, Google has addressed the audio recording issue where high-pitch sounds can be heard in the sound files. "There is a fairly large area in the bottom right corner that is unresponsive, and the taps aren't registered", a Pixel 2 XL user wrote while explaining the issue on the support forum.