Ubisoft: PS5 and Next Xbox Are a Minimum "2 Years" Away

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Without fail, consoles launch with their fair share of issues (we've seen it with the Xbox 360, PS4 and even the Switch), unfortunately, The Xbox One X is no different, users across forums have been posting about "dead" consoles and shutting off issues. As a reminder, you'll have update your Xbox One games to enjoy all the graphical enhancements available for the new console, and you'll see that downloading 4K assets for games such as Halo 5: Guardians and Gears of War 4 (both are approximately 100GB downloads without the 4K updates) will quickly fill the internal 1TB hard drive of your new console.

Auckland mum Tarls Murray was the first person in the world to get an Xbox One X when her Project Scorpio Edition was hand-delivered to her doorstep by Dan Livingstone, who in 2013 was the first person in the world to receive the original Xbox One.

Xbox One X will also support PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, one of the biggest PC games of the year, when it launches as a console exclusive on December 12. But if they simply didn't order enough of the console and went through their supply quickly, that's a bit less impressive.

Michael Emenalo quits Chelsea in major blow to Roman Abramovich
It is believed that differences in the recruitment of players may have separated Emenalo and Conte, who he helped appoint in 2016. Although Emenalo's relationship with Conte was not hard , this is a club with power struggles going on off the pitch.

The less expensive (and less powerful) Xbox One S will remain on sale and Spencer has said he believes this is the console that will appeal to a wider audience. The games being available on all of the console lineup makes it hard for devs to focus exclusively on the more powerful console, much more like how optimization works on PC. And in the meantime, it creates the feeling of scarcity, which could in turn create more interest in the new console.

You can still order an Xbox One X through GameStop's site, but your mileage may vary when it comes to finding one in your local stores.